Course instructors

The “Israeli Diving Federation” instructors’ course is a comprehensive, professional and the most thorough course in Israel.

The course sets the transferring guide and grade water rates, water transport control, troubleshooting and emergency situations.

Course methodology studies are at the highest level, and participants in the course are also enriching general knowledge and raise the level of diving.

The aim of the course

  1. Knowledge of advanced dive training.
  2. Completion of high-level knowledge.
  3. Education for responsibility and rules of professional ethics.
  4. Safety education in modeling.
  5. Taking part in the promotion of recreational diving.

Admission Course

  1. Age – 21 years at least on the course.
  2. Medical examination is valid.
  3. A valid association.
  4. There has been no information stated in paragraphs 3-1 sub-regulation 28 (b) of the dive.
  5. The terms of the preparation and submitted a signed form preparation.
  6. Passed the admissions committee of the association / committee training.
  7. Made 120 logged dives and sealed.
  8. A certified diver for at least a year.

Tests Prerequisites:

  1. Course instructors and has received the signature of the chief instructor.
  2. Finished the course in a period not exceeding one year from the beginning.
  3. May apply for two test periods without redoing the course and provided no later than one year from the date they completed the course.
  4. Candidate who does not meet one of the conditions listed in paragraphs 1-3 must repeat the course.

Testing period

  1. The total water capacity test:
    A. Two free dive to 12 meters with an interval of two minutes between them.
    B. Km”s lived within 800 m maximum time of 15 minutes.
    C. third. Login Lkm”s depth of 3 m.
  2. Theory tests the transmission rates at 1 Star Diver course.
  3. Tests transfer of practical lessons at 1 Star Diver course.
  4. General knowledge tests.
  5. Tests on rescue and resuscitation.
  6. Display example, leadership, organization, management and accountability.

Certification terms

Successfully passing the exams


  1. May engage in training only while being an “active” guide
  2. Training course for senior diver training and test levels – under the supervision of a senior guide only.

Permits (All Permissions recognized as part of a school)

  1. May teach theory lessons at all levels.
  2. May instruct practical lessons at all levels.
  3. May train up to six students for Star 1 and – 2 stars.
  4. Accompanied by an assistant instructor may train up to 10 students and 1 star – two stars.
  5. Accompanied by senior diver may train up to eight students for 2 stars.
  6. May authorize up to two-star rank dives (including internships).
  7. May conduct diving school.
  8. May participate in staff training courses at all levels in accordance with the rules determined by a training committee.
  9. May instruct specialty subjects (mandatory and optional) for senior diver course. (See senior diver Chapter).
  10. May perform test dives.
  11. Student / guide ratio – a guide for six members.
    All permits granted an assistant instructor.