Dive Master Course

Divemaster course is designed for you who want to step into the profession  of scuba diving and is the first stage in the path. During the course you will gain greater diving abilities and you will acquire new skills that will allow you to run a variety of conditions you will face as you work in the diving industry worldwide.

Get ready to making the ocean YOUR OFFICE!!

have you encountered challenging underwater situations and thought to yourself:

  • “i should try the rescue course”
  • “i can improve my buoyancy “
  • “i wish my navigation skills were better”

The divemaster course is probably what you are looking for!! And just might bring you the improvement you need.
The Divemaster course is were you learn how to manage different and challenging situations underwater
How to manage a dive and divers to from and during a dive .
How to navigate like a PRO !


The aim of the DM course:

  • enhance the ability to dive and led to the highest professional level
  • to enrich theoretical knowledge and to bring the student to the theortical knowwedge of instructor level.
  • teach responsibility and personal example.
  • to provide the basics of leading a group of divers
  • to develop the thinking ability of planning and organizing the diving, divers and sea condition;
  • to develop in the ablility to analyze situations, to understand anything out of nothing and make troubleshooting circumstances and conditions change.

Prerequisites course registration:

  • advanced open water diver or equivalent degree from an International Association.
  • opening day 16 of age (nominated under the age of 18 need parental approval).a statement of good health.
  • valid diving insurance. at least 50 loged dives.