Refresher Dive

A refresh dive is obligatory in israel for certified divers who had not been diving for six monthes.
if you think about it, it can only make you feel more secure under water, after you refreshed your basic diving skills.

Refresher Dive

Every day of the week by appointment / 09:00-17:00

For divers who had not been diving for six monthes or longer in the refresh dive we start with a few basic skills and help refresh the diving rules.
This is where you can ask about any diving information you do not remember from your course.
Right after we’r done with the basic skills w’ll go on for a nice calm fun dive.

Duration: about 1.5 hours

* max depth for the refresh dive in 12-18 m(36-54 feet)
** it is obligatory to have a sepcified diving insurance in israel ( if you are not coverd for diving in your traveling insurance. one can be purchased at our dive shop)

Day Refresher

Every day of the week by appointment /summer: 18:30 | Winter: 16:30

For divers who had not been diving for 5 years or longer.
You do not remember when your last dive was?

We Recomend to reheresh your diving skills and safty rulles in order to return safly to the underwater world.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Activities include: Two dives

  • practicing basic diving skills deep + fun guided dive.
  • improving your diving skills + boyouncy, sharing air, buddy system.

Theory sesion :
Where you feel comfortable asking evrthing you dont remember ! The main idea behind the Refresh day program is to make sure that you are comfortable enough to remember the rules of conduct and safety of scuba diving.

And can go on enjoying your underwater hobby 🙂