Assistant Instructor Course

PADI Assistant is the first stage that gives the basics of training.

Passing the course and the tests will allow you to perform a variety of training and optimally prepare you for instructors’ course.

The aim rank

  1. Provide senior divers the tools and skills required for leading clarity of unauthorized divers diving independently Qualified Group (star or more), refresher dive, introductory dive.
  2. Primary knowledge in training senior diver diving (3 stars).

Course Prerequisites:

  1. Senior association diver
  2. Valid insurance

Tests Prerequisites

  1. Passed an assistant instructor course.
  2. Insurance and association dues in force.
  3. Sign in practical test.

Certification Terms

  1. Insurance and union dues.
  2. There has been no information stated in paragraphs 3-1 year 28 (b) of the dive.
  3. Successful completion of the tests for assistant instructor.

Compulsory test subjects

  1. Divers group transportation (including diving course two stars).
  2. First dive/introductory
  3. dive performance
  4. Performing a refresher dive
  5. Rescue testKnowledge tests in decompression, procedures, general knowledge.


If the course is conducted in conjunction with instructors’ course, rescue and decompression knowledge tests and procedures test will be carried out during the instructors’ course tests.


  1. All permits follow the framework of an authorizes Association School
  2. May assist a certified trainer in the water of one star (qualified instructor, plus an assistant instructor, will be able to dive with 10 members).
  3. May make a refreshing dive all levels.
  4. May lead a group of one star divers.
  5. May perform the premiere dive.
  6. May dive the practical part of the 2 stars course, in guide-instructor ration of 1: 4
  7. May join Advanced Certified Trainer, perform deep dives senior diver course.